Low Profile Hand Pallet truck

Product information

Low Profile Designed For Specialised Pallets

Load capacity Q (kg) 2000.0
Centre of gravity C (mm) 575.0
Minimum height h2 (mm) 52.0
Lift Height H3 (mm) 165.0
Fork length l (mm) 1150.0
Fork width N (mm) 160.0
Fork thckness S (mm) 35.0
Width across forks N2 (mm) 540.0
width between forks (mm) 220.0
Total length of pallet truck L (mm) 1550.0
control length (mm) 400.0
Centre distance L3 (mm) 327.0
Min. height (mm) 1240.0
turning circle (mm) 1367.0
min. aisle width (mm) 1750.0
Own weight (kg) 75.0
Nr. of fork wheels 4
Mat. steering wheel POLYURETHAAN
Material of fork wheels POLYUTHERANE
Machine material STEEL
Total width (mm) 540.0

Technical specifications

Condition New