Heavy Duty Sack Truck 300x200

Product information

Type of hand trolley standaard hand trolley
Load capacity (kg) 200
Total height (mm) 1100
Total width (mm) 480
Width of the loading platform (mm) 300
Length of the loading platform (mm) 200
Material of the hand trolley steel
Colour of the hand trolley blue
Number of tyres (support wheels not included) 2
Type of tyres pneumatique tyres
Diameter of the tyres (mm) 260
Width of the tyres (mm) 85
Support wheels present NO
Number of uses of the hand trolley 1
Type of stairclimber without stairclimber
Load bracket adjustable in height NO
Foldable loading platform NO
Loading platform extension present NO
Foldable hand trolley NO
Weight (kg) 9

Technical specifications

Condition New